Writing And Translation Services

GeekForUs provides fast professional translation services online in more than 120 languages. Our translation services include technical user manual/guide translations, software and website localization and for legal documents. The company offers professional translation services in many areas such as technical user manuals, legal documents, medical documents, product packaging labels, website content, certificates, education, agreements, and contracts, to name a few. GeekForUs provides translation services for many leading major companies and businesses worldwide.

GeekForUs is a translation company that has been providing high-quality translation services for over 3 years. The company is one of the fastest language services companies in the world today. We offer fast and reliable human translation services supported by a stringent quality policy. Our services use the latest language software technology. We deliver high-quality translation services through our global network of professional translators and interpreters.

As one of the leading translation services companies in the world today, GeekForUs has the expertise to deal with whatever the translation requirements of our clients may be. The level of translation we offer can be tailored depending on to what your needs on a particular translation are.

Our Document Translation Process

In order to meet our clients’ requirements, we operate an F.A.S.T. translation model:

Fast: We make sure that we deliver on time. For most of our clients, turnaround times are very important as their businesses highly depend on the documents they send. We, therefore, try our best to process our translation services in the fastest time possible.

Accurate: One of the most important parts of the translation process is accuracy. No error can be allowed in a professional translation, as we understand that our clients’ business image depends on the translation we do. We make sure that your message is accurately translated every time.

Secure: The secrecy and the security of the files we receive from you is a concern to our, and we realize how important that trust is to you. That is why we follow strict processes to ensure your data remains secure at all times. We have a professional obligation to safeguard our clients’ data, and never to share with a third-party. Your data will remain your Intellectual Property.

Twenty-Four-Seven: The world business operates 24/7, therefore our offices are always open to our clients. We support our clients 24/7, throughout the year. Our clients are able to contact us whenever they have questions or inquiries about their translation requirements.

If you have any inquiry regarding translation services contact us today. We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.